Computer Animation Arts partners annually with Dr Peter Klappa in a collaboration between CAA's undergraduates and the Bioscience Department at the University of Kent.  Dr Klappa challenges first year undergraduates to convey biological processes accurately while considering ways in which complex ideas might be represented engagingly to different audiences through animation. 

CAA course leader, Phil Gomm, and Dr Klappa presented a selection of student animations at the following conferences:

STEM Annual Conference 2012 – Aiming for excellence in STEM learning and teaching, Imperial College London, Presentation: Creative Arts meets biology – a collaborative project between arts and science, April 2012

Effective Learning in the Biosciences – Equipping Students for the 21st Century, Biologists working with others – interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary learning and teaching, University of Edinburgh, Presentation: Creative Arts meets biology – a collaborative project between arts and science, July 2011

In 2011, Phil Gomm & Dr Klappa established the Spectacular Science research cluster, which fostered collaboration between recent CAA graduates and the University of Kent.

"It is absolutely amazing to see these projects growing and developing. I never thought it possible to have such a symbiotic link between biological sciences and animation. I now use these animations in my teaching and the students absolutely love them." Dr Peter Klappa

Lifecycle Of A Mushroom / Tom Beg

Specific Immune System / Pol Winandy & Jon Stewart

The Lifecycle Of Slime Mold / Ethan Shilling

Hookworm / Julien Van Wallendael

Fighting An Infection / Sebastian Schauman

Leviathan / Deanna Crisbacher

The Cell Cycle / Jake Bryant 

Innerspace Adventures / Steven Payne

Infection By HIV / Jonathan Pearmain

Lifecycle Of Slime Mold / Jack White